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About Us

It is our mission to provide quality real estate service. We will pursue the interest of our clients at all times and with the highest ethical standards. Each and every one of our clients will experience our professional expertise. We are continually educating ourselves so that our clients will benefit from the most accurate, up-to-date information and resources. It is our goal to use the multiple resources of a professionally trained staff, relocation department, marketing and experience to facilitate the best business results. 

While treating all our clientele with the highest respect for their needs, we will be up front and factual as to how we can best help them. We will not tell a client what they want to hear if we do not believe it ourselves. We will not enter into a client relationship where we know what is expected of us cannot be accomplished in good faith. Our work, time and energy will be given in such a helpful, and professional manner that our fees will be respected and our services highly recommended.

We strive for win/win positions and fairness in all transactions. Our actions with others will never be done for short-term gain or at the expense of another party. It is our goal that our attitudes, spirit and energies enrich the lives of every single person we touch.


Molly Bischoff & Terry Vierra


Our Resume



Terry Vierra and Molly Bischoff had the good fortune of marrying on September 13, 2003 and becoming not only partners in life but also in business.


Molly Bischoff has been a professional REALTOR since 1985 and a resident of the San Lorenzo Valley since 1981, providing the highest quality representation for both Buyers and Sellers . Molly has raised two daughters in the San Lorenzo Valley: Bevin, who is a nurse and Ciarra an artist. She enjoys hiking, weight training, mountain biking and running with her dogs. Molly graduated from Bowling Green State University with a degree in Fine Arts. She continues her artistry by welding, landscaping, rock working, and jewelry making. Molly has devoted herself to helping people work through one of their largest life transactions. She builds long term relationships with her customers by providing dedicated and knowledgeable service.


Terry Vierra has been a professional REALTOR since 2002 and was born and raised in Santa Cruz County and has been a resident of San Lorenzo Valley since 1977. He has a son Rian, who now lives in Hawaii where he is a landscaper. Terry Graduated from San Jose State University with a degree in Criminal Justice Administration and a Masters in Public Administration. He is a Viet Nam veteran and was stationed in Phu Bai as an airborne sensor operator. He spent 12 years as a police officer before opening his own business in Boulder Creek. Terry has served as the President of the Boulder Creek Business Association and is currently on the Board of Directors of the San Lorenzo Valley Water District. Terry is an avid golfer. He enjoys the challenge of selling Real Estate helping both Buyers and Sellers through the sometimes difficult but rewarding process.